Colorful Wedding Preparations with Flowers For Everyone

Flowers are the best gift nature has given for men to cherish the love which they hold for people in their surroundings. This has been noticed that these beautifully different colored and shaped flowers keep on making life better for many. Whether it is happiness or sorrow you are suffering from on both occasions their presence is a source of comfort one or the other. My experience with these flowers was recently faced with a very different situation where a huge quantity of flowers was ordered using Flowers For Everyone promo code at supersavermama.

Anajali has been my friend since past five years and we used to call him Anna. We have been together almost every day even after completing or graduation. She was my neighbor and we had many common friends which made us come across each other on daily basis.

Anna was from India and her father worked in a software house in Australia. She moved in our neighborhood when we were just 5 years old and now after 17 years the friendship is as deep as it can be…

A month back Anna told me that her marriage got fixed with her father’s friend’s son. The guy, Ajay was a handsome man and had a pleasant nature. I liked him when I first him at Ana’s place. The wedding was to take place within a month while Anna will move to a house just two blocks away from our neighborhood with her husband after her marriage. The preps were on its peak and the colorful things attracted me so much as other festivals which Anna and her family usually celebrated.

Two day from marriage the house was all decorated with lovely white and yellow carnations making the house look like an Indian bride itself. I had no heart to come to my house when the beautiful rituals and decoration kept on attracting me.

The colorful flower chaplets and garlands were specially ordered along with the other flowers for decoration from Flowers For Everyone. The store made sure that they satisfy their customers in all [possible way. believe me everyone in the house were very satisfied with the decoration at home where flowers were concerned and I was super excited to see the whole flower shop around me. This wedding was the best part of my life as it gave me an opportunity to witness other culture marriage which was so wonderful. The ladoos (sweet) and flower hand bands were the most important part of the event.

Anna looked so beautiful when she was all dressed up in her traditional lainga (embroider skirt) I sloe wore lainga and it looked so beautiful on me. The marriage on and on till night since afternoon and food was continuously served which included all the delicacies from Indian cuisine.

The wedding was superb in itself and special thanks to Flowers For Everyone which made the occasion seemed as if it really did take place in India with beautiful flowers all around.

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